durch Hain und Aue (2015)

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durch Hain und Aue [through grove and meadow], HD, 24 min.

The animated film durch Hain und Aue by Matze Görig is a
digital and analogue composition of hundreds of photos and videos. A
landscape is being overflown, sporadically focussing on individual
persons and their actions and activities.
Lust, perversion, religious rituals are shown in a dark ambience. The
whole scenery is reminiscent of an ancient painting. The spectator is
led through this world and its different stories. Life accrues from dead
things, e. g. a tree starts blossoming from rotten leaves, a house is
built from wrecked ruins.
The atmospherically supporting sound design is a combination of music
from Johannes Brahms, Hugo Wolf and Georg Kreisler and the deliberately
oversaturated and severe sounds by the artist.
Inspired by the illumination of baroque paintings, the narrative in
gothic paintings, the greek mythology and biblical texts, Matze Görig
tells stories and sets legends somewhere between life, destroyed
paradises, peoples’ particular desires, its resulting consequences and